End the Lockdowns Caucus

The covid-19 political crisis has exposed many uncomfortable truths. When citizens place their trust in elected representatives to safeguard their interests, they expect those leaders to unabashedly defend them in the face of all odds. During the past year and a half of "2 weeks to flatten the curve" citizens have been shown the true nature of their elected representatives who lack the courage necessary to dissent against the unelected, unaccountable government bureaucrats who have strong armed politicians into enacting some of the most egregious infringements on civil liberties we have seen in generations.

During this time, a few Brave political stalwarts have risen to the occasion and have been resisting this government tyranny at the cost of their liberty and livelihoods, going up against the full weight of government enforcement through the police state. This group is called the End The Lockdowns Caucus, and you can learn more about them by clicking HERE.

During her time as a provincial organizer for No More Lockdowns Canada, Chelsea Hillier has been working closely in support of these efforts, and if elected to represent the people of Elgin-Middlesex-London, she pledges to formally join the caucus and resist any further efforts by governments of all stripes to restrict our freedoms. Chelsea will challenge any bureaucrat, dissent against any political figure who threatens to violate the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of Canadians.

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